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How to securely shred your files

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Simply deleting your files leaves traces of them that make it possible to recover them. SpyZooka's file shredder ensures your files are permanently shredded beyond recovery!

How the file shredder works is by overwriting the data making it impossible to recover. Our detailed help guide on Overwrites is here

If you are looking to shred an entire drive we recommend you use SpyZooka's Drive Shredder

SpyZooka's File Shredder Has 3 Overwrite Options

3 Overwrites > our recommendation for being the fastest and while there are more secure overwrite options. The US Department of Defense uses a standard 3 overwrite shredder for their digital files.

7 Overwrites > this is more secure but slower

35 Overwrites > Probably more than anyone would ever need. But here at SpyZooka we like to over design our software!

Adding Files to File Shredder

There are two methods of adding files to file shredder.

You can right click on a file, folder, picture document or video and add it to the file shredder by selecting "Shred with SpyZooka"

Or you can open SpyZooka > Secure > File Shredder . By default the Search button is the only active button, simply click on it to search for files to shred.

Selecting Overwrites

After your files are added you'll want to select the number of overwrites. Overwrites are explained here.

Remove A File

If you add a file you decide you don't want to shred simply click the file name in the top section of the file shredder screen and the Remove button will activate allowing you to remove a file from the list.


Shredding Files

You can shred a single file, folder, document, video, picture or other digital media or shred multiple ones. Just add everything you want to shred to the list and click the Shred button.

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