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All data (including files, docs, pics, movies, browsing history, saved passwords and everything else) can be recovered after being deleted.

Drive Shredder solves that problem by securely overwriting your data making it unrecoverable. Data Overwrites.

If you plan on getting rid of an old computer we recommend either physically destroying the hard drive or using SpyZooka's drive shredder to permanently erase the data making it unrecoverable.

SSD Drive Caution

We recommend minimizing shredding SSD drives as it causes them to wear out faster. If you do shred an SSD drive make sure to use the 3 overwrites option as explained below as it will cause the least amount of wear on your SSD drive. 

How to Use Drive Shredder

At the top of drive shredder you'll see all the drives on your computer listed. Here is where you want to select the drive to shred.

Next you'll select the shredding option.

Shred empty space only > this option only shreds the empty space on your hard drive leaving all its files, pics, documents and everything else untouched. The purpose of this is to delete files and then overwrite all its previous bits making the deleted files unrecoverable. This is the only option available for your C drive as shredding everything would also shred the Windows operating system.

Shred Full Drive > this second option in the drop down will permanently erase all data (including docs, pics, movies and everything else) on the drive selected. Nothing will be recovered.

Overwrites > next you'll select the number of overwrites

3 overwrites > the US Department of Defense standard for shredding files. This overwrites your data 3 times. This is the fastest shredding option and the one we recommend for normal use. 

7 Overwrites > more secure and slower than 3 overwrites. As the name suggests it overwrites your data 7 times making it more difficult to recover.

35 Overwrites > Likely only needed if you work for the CIA, this overwrites your data 35 times and it will never be recovered. This is by far the slowest overwrite option.

 After you make your selections the Start Shredding button becomes active and you can shred your drive. If you choose "Shred Full Drive" you'll next see a popup to confirm you want to delete the drive, you must click Shred Drive to begin shredding.

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