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Report a SpyZooka Bug
Report a SpyZooka Bug

Report a bug to us

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SpyZooka anonymously reports bugs to us and we fix them in our monthly software releases.

If you are experiencing a bug, first try out the first two suggestions below which solve 99% of all problems. And if your issue is not solved send us a bug report and we will extend your SpyZooka subscription for free for twice the amount of time it takes us to fix the bug.

Update SpyZooka

First make sure you are running the latest SpyZooka version:

  1. Open SpyZooka

  2. In the left menu click "Options"

  3. Click "Check for updates"

  4. In this screen check that you have the latest version of SpyZooka. If you're running an older version download the latest SpyZooka version.

If your problem continues with the latest version of SpyZooka please continue on...

Uninstall and Install - Solves Most Problems

If your bug is happening in the latest SpyZooka version please follow these directions.

  1. Uninstall SpyZooka (uninstall directions here)

  2. Restart your computer

  3. Download and install SpyZooka.

How to Report a SpyZooka Bug

If you're experiencing a bug not resolved by reinstalling SpyZooka, follow these directions to send us a detailed bug report.

  1. Open SpyZooka

  2. Click the "?" in the top right corner

  3. Click "Report a Bug"

  4. Enter details about your bug, your email address and click "Send Report"

Can't Open SpyZooka?

If for any reason you are unable to open SpyZooka to send us the bug report please send us your Windows Event Viewer log. Event Viewer captures all errors that happen on your PC and help us to diagnose the SpyZooka bug. The directions to send us the Event Viewer log are at the links below

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