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Using SpyZooka's Optimize for Services to speed up your computer

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Using SpyZooka's Optimize function to remove unwanted services can speed up Windows startup time while decreasing memory and CPU usage leading to a faster computer!


Be careful with stopping services as you can make programs unusable or alter the way they work. If you are unsure about a service its best to consult Google first or leave it running.

Displays all Windows services on your computer. Windows services are most of the time useful but sometimes can be used to display popups or poorly designed services can clog your computers resources dramatically slowing it down. Removing unwanted services helps your computer run faster and will stop certain popups from running.  

Services has two categories:

  1. Running Service > this is an actively running Service.

  2. Stopped Service > A service that has been stopped from running. 

Services has two buttons. By default both buttons are faded and inactive.

Start Service > Here a stopped Service is selected making the Start Service button active as that is the only action that can be performed on a stopped service. You can start any stopped Service with this button.

 Stop Service  > This button will be highlighted when you select a running a service. Any running service can be stopped with this button.

Services are not removed or quarantined. They are either running or stopped.

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