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SpyZooka's Scan Function Explained
SpyZooka's Scan Function Explained

What are locked files and registry keys? Why does another program find a different amount of files, registry issues or cookies?

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Rest assured that SpyZooka focuses solely on detecting and removing unwanted issues from your computer. It respects your privacy and ensures that wanted cookies, such as those that keep you logged into your favorite forum, remain untouched. SpyZooka does not interfere with wanted files, including Word documents, pictures, or any other content you value on your computer. Additionally, it won't log you out of websites even after performing a thorough cleaning with SpyZooka. Enjoy a hassle free experience while maintaining control over your desired content.

Junk Files

During the regular operation of your computer, various activities such as running programs, browsing web pages, downloading software updates, and keeping Windows active generate files that are commonly known as 'junk files.' These files accumulate over time and may consume valuable storage space. At SpyZooka, we understand the importance of keeping your computer optimized, which is why our software finds and eliminates these unnecessary files, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient PC.

What are Locked Files?

Locked files refer to files that are currently in use by another program on your computer. Removing these files forcefully can potentially destabilize your computer or other programs.

During a SpyZooka scan, files can become locked or unlocked. It is common for antivirus programs or other applications to lock files at any given time.

Due to the presence of locked files, it's important to understand that no program can guarantee the removal of 100% of all junk files on your computer in every scan. After completing a SpyZooka Scan, you will notice that we display the locked files, indicating which files cannot be removed because they are actively used by another program.

Unlike most other programs that either only display the removable files or repeatedly show the same locked files in subsequent scans, our approach is different. We detect and display all junk files and, after the scan, transparently show you the locked files. This way, you have a clear understanding of what is happening on your computer, ensuring full transparency.

Registry Keys and Registry Issues

Similar to locked files, registry keys in SpyZooka's Scan feature can sometimes be unremovable. It's important to note that this is not a bug or error specific to SpyZooka but rather a characteristic of how the Windows operating system functions.

In our registry cleaner, we adopt the same approach to registry keys as we do with junk files. We display all the registry keys that can be removed without hiding any of them or resorting to subsequent scans to artificially manipulate the results.

It's common for registry cleaners to detect more issues on a second scan because the first scan removes registry keys that reference other keys, subsequently exposing additional issues. This is a normal behavior and not indicative of a flaw. If another program runs a registry cleaner scan and you remove the results, running a follow-up scan will often show no issues. This could mean that the other program deliberately ignores registry issues for a certain period to minimize customer complaints.

Occasionally, our straightforward and honest approach may result in lost sales or requests for refunds, as some individuals may mistakenly perceive an issue. We understand why other companies may choose to implement code that ignores certain items in their scan results to avoid such situations.

Tracking Cookies

pyZooka exclusively identifies and detects tracking cookies that you don't want on your computer. Unlike some other programs that detect and remove every cookie indiscriminately, we take a more targeted approach. We understand the importance of preserving cookies that serve essential functions, such as keeping you logged into your favorite forum or verifying your computer for secure banking websites.

At SpyZooka, we prioritize your seamless computing experience. We do not exaggerate our findings to create an illusion of detecting more issues, which could ultimately make your overall usage more challenging.

Rest assured, SpyZooka does not remove wanted cookies from your computer. We prioritize your convenience and ensure that only unwanted tracking cookies are addressed, preserving the functionality and convenience of important cookies that enhance your browsing and login experiences.

Different Programs Have Different Results

Likely every program you run will show something slightly different because of how its designed, what it scans, how it reports the findings to you, how it handles locked files and registry issues. 

It's important to note that the number of items found by another program on your computer does not automatically make it superior. The key is to strike a balance by removing the maximum number of non-locked junk files while ensuring the preservation of desired files, passwords, and program stability.

SpyZooka focuses solely on identifying and detecting junk files and unwanted items on your computer. We take pride in presenting accurate findings without any exaggeration or employing misleading and deceitful rating systems. Our priority is not to detect files you intentionally want to keep on your computer, and we take great care to avoid removing saved passwords or any other valuable items you wish to retain. 

Please contact us on chat if you have further questions about SpyZooka's scan or suggestions for how we can improve this article!

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