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SpyZooka Activation Code
SpyZooka Pro Activation Code and Subscription
SpyZooka Pro Activation Code and Subscription

Get your SpyZooka Pro activation code and install directions emailed to you immediately!

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To activate SpyZooka Pro use the directions below on up to as many computers as your subscription allows.

  1. Install and open SpyZooka

  2. On SpyZooka's bottom left menu click "Upgrade"

  3. Copy/paste your activation code to upgrade to SpyZooka Pro.

After activation your software will say "SpyZooka Pro" in the top left corner.

Managing Your SpyZooka Pro Subscription

Simply open SpyZooka Pro > Options > Subscription to manage and update your subscription.

Free Unlimited Downloads For Life!

You are welcome to unlimited free SpyZooka Pro downloads for the lifetime of your subscription.

Removing a Computer From Your SpyZooka Pro Subscription

Uninstall SpyZooka Pro from your computer and that computer is removed from your SpyZooka Pro subscription!



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